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3 Phases of Care


The primary purpose of our office is to provide the best chiropractic care available to help as many people in our community as possible. We seek to resolve your pain and improve your quality of health, by providing excellent care, focused on optimizing the function of your muscles, joints and nerves. When this is achieved, you will have accomplished a big step toward reaching your optimal health.

Acute Care: This is the earliest and most common stage of care when patients initially visit us. Our primary focus is to protect the affected area to avoid additional injury and to decrease pain. This is accomplished by reducing inflammation, muscle spasm and swelling, at least 50-75%, typically within the first 1-3 weeks. Then, we blend in steps to improve range of motion, allowing you to move better with less pain. The frequency of visits in this early phase of care is usually 3 times per week, but ultimately depends on the severity of the condition.

Sub-Acute Care: Our main objective in this phase is to help you restore lost flexibility, strength and functional deficits. Functional deficits, for example, would include the inability to get out of bed, put your shoes on, get dressed, stand long enough to prepare a meal, handle the kids, run errands, sit to read, etc. During this stage, we focus on strengthening weak muscles, stretching tight ligaments and increasing your endurance.

Rehabilitative exercise is an essential part of any well-planned recovery process during this phase.

Following the doctor's prescription, our licensed rehab coordinator works with each patient and guides them through their unique, individualized exercise program, avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” approach, sometimes seen in rehabilitative care. You’ll have individual attention with the same therapist each visit.

Maintenance/Preventative Care: Once your condition has been fully restored, many patients choose to have regular "check-ups." Why? This preventative approach can help prevent recurrences of the same problem and promote optimum health with enhanced functional capacity and fitness. Periodic visits can help catch little problems before they become a major concern. Preventive care is especially helpful in cases where arthritis, degeneration, and other more permanent conditions co-exist.

Preventive care, again, is individualized according to relevant physiological factors, occupation, patient needs and desires.

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