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The Capital Readers Choice 2017
The Capital Readers Choice 2017


We are happy to provide these encouraging words for you from our wonderful patients.


"The treatments finally allow me to be able to function without pain! I'm no longer on pain medications! Everyone is kind and helpful. I encourage anybody that's living with pain to try it."
- B. Pavlik

"When I first came to Dr. Kibby's office I was in a lot of pain. But when he spoke with me, I felt comfortable. I knew I had come to the right place. He would not treat me until after my back was x-rayed. He was the first to show me the x-ray of my back and explain what needed to be done and what I had to do with him in helping myself.

I have improved to a comfort level that makes living my life easier and with a lot less pain. Dr. Kibby has taught me how to help myself in many ways. I now sleep better and know when not to lift something too heavy, always bend the knees.

My husband and I loved to dance and we were able to dance again!

There were several Dr. Kibby and his staff did for me and my physical problems. One was relaxing the muscles with cooling ice and pulse sensations, prior to Dr. Kibby stretching the muscles and massaging them. This was totally relaxing!

Physical therapy exercises, with guidance, was another way they helped me. I was also given exercises to do at home.

I know there are a lot of people that aren't familiar with chiropractic care, but please believe this. If it were not for Dr. Kibby and his office, I would probably be in a wheel chair. Instead, I can drive myself at the ripe age of 77 years old to my grandson's soccer game. I lost my husband 2 years ago and now I depend on myself and family.

You will not be sorry if you believe in his office and he knows what he is doing."
- R. Dulski

"I experienced a lower back injury. The injury severely limited my ability to perform basic daily activities. I was in constant pain. I needed a walker to stay ambulatory.

I visited Kibby Chiropractic Center on the day after my injury as a first-time patient. Dr. John Kibby recommended an x-ray to better examine the extent of the injury and to visit my primary care physician to better manage the pain. So I Did!! Once he reviewed my x-ray, he suggested conservative care as a way to heal.

In the initial stage of treatment, my appointments were quite frequent. For someone like myself who only sees a doctor maybe twice a year, this was a new approach to medical care for me. I worked closely with Dr. Kibby and his staff. I received hot and cold therapeutic treatments, ultrasound treatments, roller table treatments, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, encouragement, and suggested floor exercises to do at home.

Today, I live a healthy and active life. I'm in the maintenance stage of treatment. Appointments are much less frequent. I continue to do daily low-impact exercise at home even though my lower back has completely healed, My success story includes completing two 5K runs. I've gained a greater awareness and appreciation of body mechanics and the central nervous system.

The symptoms from my back injury were slow to decrease. Rehabilitation takes time and personal commitment. Kibby Chiropractic Center provided a level of care that gave me the best chance to heal without surgery."
- S. Stetler

"I have had peripheral neuropathy in both feet for almost twelve years. It was not caused by diabetes and neurologists could not tell me what caused it. Dr. Kibby got to the root of the problem, pinched nerves in my spine. We began a treatment plan that included spinal adjustments, electric stimulation, and other treatment methods. After treatment with Dr. Kibby for ninety days, I have experienced a great reduction in my neuropathy and a return to a practically normal walking gait. Dr. Kibby and his staff are the most helpful medical professionals. I highly recommend him for spinal adjustments and specifically spinal related neuropathy".
- M. Derby

"After only a few sessions with Dr's John Kibby and Matthew Hecht, I experienced significant pain reduction and a day completely without pain. The staff has assisted me with exercises to ensure my continued relief from pain. I gave up hope of relief until my wife suggested consulting Kibby Chiropractic Center."
- R. Smith

A "Success Story" was recently told to our office and we thought we'd share it with all of you: "I was originally diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis by a podiatrist. After several months, I had no improvement of my condition. At that time, I received a corticosteroid injection to help relieve my discomfort. This was only a temporary fix so I visited my general practitioner and searched the web for advice, but could not find relief, and my symptoms persisted. I happened to receive a mailer from Kibby Chiropractic Center and was desperate for answers as my condition worsened. Upon my very first visit, Dr. Kibby found I was misdiagnosed and instead had Achilles Tendonitis. Over a 6 week period of time, I was given physical therapy treatments along with a regiment of exercises. I am now pain free and feel stronger and fit. Not only did he and his staff help me resolve my problem, but also taught me how to maintain a healthier way of life."
-J. Jagodzinski

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